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[NEON]Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:38 am

Please read the following rules before posting on the forums.

Please refrain from spamming, if you would like to chat with someone either pm them or go on the chat box.

Do not cyber bully, this clan should be a good community and so cyber bullying is banned. If you are cyber bullying you will also be banned.

Do not post on the wrong topic deliberately. If you post a topic by mistake an admin or moderator will move the topic for you and you will not get banned.

Do not have an extremely long signature, they're just incredibly annoying. Razz If you want a large picture in your sig then just put it in a spoiler.

Also, do not have large profile pictures.

Do not post in locked topics, if you're an admin or moderator you are able to but you shouldn't, it'll be locked for a reason.

Thank you for reading the rules, if you think I've missed some out then Private Message (PM) me.

You can now post on the forums! Smile
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